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  • Location: Ростовская область / Kirov
  • Children s products and toys
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  • Площадь строения 47 м2


New home. The perfect option who wants to live happily for the soul. Who loves the outdoors fishing hunting mushrooms berries. For children it is safe to rest to run the big roads is not a great beach. You can farm or have a farm. This village was chosen and bought it non-old at home and come in early spring for the summer, when the city after the winter turn off the heating and go back to when the heating is switched on. 3 families from Arkhangelsk, 1 family from Vologda, a family of Murmansk and the Kirov. Local residents keep their farm and are happy to share, do not sell expensive eggs meat vegetables provide the machinery to cultivate the land, if you re going to deal with them. In the Central village, 3 shops have everything as in the city, but every Wednesday once a week in the district center Podosinovets 30 km away is the Fair-market trade in any goods arrive, the sellers and entrepreneurs from all neighboring regions and districts. The locals are happy to have him visit. Over the summer, gather your harvest, make blank the woods mushrooms berries on the flood plains herbs. And take away all their cars. Our Gora district is considered the most beautiful and no wonder it is called Northern Switzerland Price of everything in the house and on the street this is very cheap because we have in the village such prices. His work is not even appreciated, built in a treat for the soul. I am very sorry that you have to sell, but family life situation or when you do not foresee. For everything in the house and on the street the remaining structure material, tools, scooter, new rubber boat. 870000т the picture s view. In the area of the two stations, same road, leaving Moscow, Vologda, Arkhangelsk, Kirov, etc. Next to the Patrimony of father frost in Velikiy Ustyug. 97км. T 89229376365 al почта