Transportation. Moving to Russia

Date 10:06:08 15.06.2020


Price 12 0.18 0.16

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Best home moving and trucking! Company MIR carries out cheap and high-quality transportation of any complexity: office moving, transportation of personal effects, transportirovka equipment, food, medikomentov and any other goods. Our large fleet of vehicles fully equipped with all necessary equipment (belts, straps, pads, foam rubber and...) and consists of: Sable, Ford Transit, Gazelle, Buf Phoenix, Iveco, Valday, MAZ, Hyundai, Volvo, KAMAZ, DAF, man. We value every Customer and are willing to consider the specifics of Your activities, specifying additional terms of the work and guarantee a flexible, but stable tariff policy and the provision of additional services, the security and confidentiality of private information.