Reci laser tube W2, W4, W6

Date 18:40:14 15.06.2020


Price 30500 469.23 412.16

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Laser tube Reci in the presence of Reci W2, 90-100 W, l=1200 mm, d=80 mm, h 10000. Reci W4, 100-130 W, l=1400 mm, d=80 mm, h 10000. Reci W6, 130-150 W, l=1650 mm, d=80 mm, h 10000 (lens gift) Reсi W8, 150-180 W, l=2000 mm, d=100 mm, 10000 h (lens gift) Before shipment compulsory to check tubes for leaks on the power output and checking fashion. Today it is the most popular and reliable laser tube, the manufacturer claims that the life of the tube to 10,000 hours. For ordering and all questions, please call the above telephone numbers or write messages.