Sell share of the legal business in Barnaul

Date 23:06:38 30.06.2020


Price 100000 1538.46 1351.35

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  • Location: Алтайский край / Barnaul
  • District: Железнодорожный
  • Full address: Алтайский край, Барнаул
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My name is Alexander, I am the head of the law firm Grazhdankin and Partners. We have been successfully working for more than 11 years. Now we are developing our office in Barnaul, in this regard, we need a partner who wants to invest money. Quick return guarantee. Due to quarantine measures, the demand for legal services has increased dramatically. We are now opening branches in different cities of Russia, including Barnaul. What do we offer? We take care of finding clients, closing clients on deals and perform all legal work. Lawyers in Your area we already have. What we need from a partner? We need investment in development, as covered by several regions. In the legal field to understand don t need to find clients is not necessary, the payment office and lawyers we undertake. Major investments in marketing. The amount of investment from 100 000 rubles. Many customers, sales will begin from the first days of cooperation. If interested, write to us contact information (email and phone number). Will send full description of the business model, more detailed conditions and answer all questions.