Переходник ViaBlue XS RCA adapter 90 XL 1шт

Дата 14:05:04 11.08.2020


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Совершенно новые.Производитель ViaBlue Германия.Вышлю в любой регион. ViaBlue™ XS angle adapters are routing cables professionally. That keeps cables from strong bending. High-end internal contacts of the ViaBlue™ XS adapter series guarantee absolutely low resistance transmissions of audio and video signals. The contact surfaces are 24 karat gold-plated.The angle adapter S has dimensions of a standard RCA angle adapter. The angle adapter XLs output unit is extended. The longer XL adapter acts as a bypass to the smaller angle adapter S. Cables can be moved vertically from both RCA jacks. The two different sizes of angle adapters S and XL are not overlapping.The ViaBlue™ XS series provides adapters for both audio and video devices. XS adapters help to organize a professional cable management.Technical specifications:Outer diameter: 12 mm (black cube)Finishing: 24 Karat Gold platedTotal length: 46.5 X 27.5 mmContact: RCA type norm